//Óglach Colm McGirr & Óglach Brian Campbell

Óglach Colm McGirr & Óglach Brian Campbell

Tyrone National Graves remembers Óglach Colm McGirr and Óglach Brian Campbell, East Tyrone Brigade.

On 4 December 1983, at the height a crown forces’ shoot-to-kill policy. Colm and Brian two unarmed IRA Volunteers were summarily executed by undercover British operatives. Brian and Colm from Coalisland, County Tyrone, were gunned down in a hail of bullets on the Sunday afternoon by an undercover SAS squad, seconds after they left their car to check an IRA arms dump. The fact that the SAS was in the immediate vicinity of the dump, showed they had awaited the arrival of the Volunteers and executed them on the spot without any attempt to arrest or detain them.

Volunteer Colm McGirr was the youngest of eleven children. He was arrested by crown forces a week before his killing and held for three days, before he left Gough Barracks the RUC told him he would never see 1984. Volunteer Brian Campbell, aged 19 was the fifth child of Brendan and Cathleen Campbell. Brian was constantly harassed by the RUC on the last occasion Brian was arrested the RUC told him it would be his last time as they were going to shoot him.

Remember Colm and Brian with Pride.